Thank you for visiting DeAnza Spaulding’s Counseling website!  Let me take a few moments to introduce myself to you.  I am a Mental Health Therapist with an office located in the Greenlake neighborhood of Seattle.  I have been counseling individuals and couples for 15 years. 

I am passionate about people living lives that bring them fulfillment, satisfaction, balance, joy and integrity to all that they do.  In the years that I’ve counseled people this has been my primary goal.  I seek an individualized and client-centered approach to accomplish this goal. 

If you’re here reading my site it may be because you’ve found that you could use some additional support on your journey.  Life is challenging at times and hands us situations that can be difficult to navigate.  Unexpected circumstances like sudden unemployment, a break- up or serious health conditions can leave us feeling uncertain about the next stages of our journey.  Chronic stress from the multiple demands and roles in our lives can lead to reevaluating our priorities, boundaries, needs and dreams.  Although it can feel overwhelming you need not do this part alone.  This is a bump in the road and with the right support and guidance you can find yourself with deeper clarity and focus.  I understand the stages in seasons like these and can assist you on your way. 

Consider inviting an experienced therapist, like myself, to join you in your process.

Call today and schedule an appointment to develop an individualized therapy care plan at (206) 229-6690.


DeAnza Spaulding



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